It’s 6am

dsc_0287And I’m lying in bed listening to my children read and play together. It’s delicious but why, oh why do they have to wake up so freaking early? We worked them super hard yesterday but still they’re awake before dawn.

There was an enormous storm last night that kept Col and me awake for a good few hours and they slept through that, oh yes. But now when all is quiet here they are playing paw patrol at our feet.

The storm was incredible. It began around 6pm so we had to take shelter in a restaurant as there was no way of getting home for supper it was so torrential. There was a lull for an hour or two that gave us space to zip home before the heavens opened again and the storm raged. The apartment has plastic.roof bits over some outside spaces so the noise was incredible. Even when my scientific methods told me the storm was twenty miles away (one little second, two little seconds) the rain was ferocious.

At least it drowned out the constant and annoying fireworks I guess!

But seriously, how are the kids awake? Don’t theyknow how far they walked yesterday? Oh, SG does because when I was carrying her she happily announced that this was an “exhausting day” and her legs hurt from all the carrying.

Sarcastic beast.


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