Solo parenting in Oaxaca

Nope, not a dramatic divorce announcement, I promise. Col had a couple of days of not feeling great so I’ve been herding two small, yet determined, beasts around a crazy hot and crowded city I don’t know in a language I barely know. Fun times!

Actually yesterday we took a family trip to Monte Alban, an amazing ruined city on the outskirts of Oaxaca about which I could tell you next to nothing because I didn’t read any of the signs dotted around, or the Lonely Planet or even do as I promised myself and read on t’interweb. However, it is still one of my favourite places in all the world. Col and I visited it on our honeymoon and just loved it. We even have a picture of us there hanging in our bedroom. It felt pretty special, in an icky kind of way, to return some years later (we think seven although neither of us is much good at anniversaries) with the kids in tow.

SB just loved the place. He thought it was amazing. He always seems to love ruins and caves and castles. He ran around, exploring everything (and um, breaking a bench but I managed to fix it before anyone noticed – here’s SB running away from said broken bench:


SG was a little less independent and demanded to be carried around most of the place and when she was out of our arms mainly jumped in puddles and then complained of wet feet. However, she also ran around shouting ‘hip hip poo-ray for Mexico’ so we assume she enjoyed herself!

In the afternoon the kids and I headed out for an explore leaving Col to rest. I have no idea what we did except find a lovely calm and perfect coffee shop. I know we whiled away several hours and we were exhausted by the time we got back but I seem to have blocked out a lot of those hours…oh, except SG wowed everyone in the local markets by happily gobbling down any of the fried grasshoppers they sent her way. She declares them to be delicious. Weird child, takes after her disgusting father. We just get showered with complements for the kids generally (what with them being cute and blond) but her then willingly having cuddles with the woman selling us bugs and then devouring said bugs made her the talk of the market!


Oh yeah, we also saw a procession of churchy people. They had a band and were throwing sweets at kids. I could see people not being sure if they should throw them to my two but eventually one brave person did and then everyone else joined in. I begrudgingly let them eat one each and then made them give the rest to the kids in the market.The hideous lolly seemed to make up for the fireworks set off in their faces.


Today I took the kids on a tour bus around Oaxaca. Totally random. I don’t recommend it. It doesn’t go when it says it will and then you get told off for showing up at the second time you were given because everyone else is waiting for you. Oh well (and SB peed on my foot as I was paying for our tickets). It turns out that a tour of Oaxaca isn’t really necessary. Lots of churches and buildings in pretty colours (of course the Spanish commentary may have said more than this but I don’t know) and not much else. SG immediately fell asleep and SB tried to as well but I made him beetle car spot with me to keep him awake. Half way through the tour the bus stopped, the driver changed the music from loud to different loud and then started serenading us all, badly. It was surreal. Everyone else seemed to love it but I was a) trying to fend of the kids who were determined to lick me all over; and b) trying not to laugh at how off key he was. He then demanded everyone buy his CD. And both small ones thought the tour was dull too.

Also, it’s really hot here!


2 thoughts on “Solo parenting in Oaxaca

  1. The pictures are lovely but looking at the guy in black, it looks as though there is a very wide woman in pink behind him. Makes me laugh.


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