Life is normalising

We’ve been here nine days now and life seems normal: normal but amazing, incredible and alive. Life should be alive, right?

The kids are being great. They’re continuing to be best buddies, they do talk about ‘home’ but sometimes ‘home’ means Mexico now. We have to ask them to clarify ‘Mexico home’ or ‘London home’ (Mexico home is also known as ‘yellow house’) now to know to what they refer. They’re both really brave about talking to people. SB happily goes up to kids he wants to play with in the park and asks them their age and name in Spanish. He has also learned to say ‘do you like spiderman or batman?’, which is, of course, far more important than learning anyone’s name, right? He also asks prices in the market for me and will generally try any phrase we ask of him, unless a stranger asks him his name, in which case he’s having none of it and pretends to be mute. SG is as as brave and forthcoming as ever and will respond to anyone and everyone, especially if they’ll give her a lemon flavoured grasshopper to munch on. That said, they’re both total and utter shits at times too! SB will randomly decide he’s had enough of walking and just have a strop instead, and SG has taken to shouting when she wants attention.

(and yesterday SB walked in to the edge of a public telephone box, which are all placed at perfect height for the heads of four year olds. It shouldn’t have been hilarious to see my lovely son smack his head so hard he fell over but it really was comical. Bad me.)

We made a new friend on Friday and so on Saturday I took the kids up to a playground at her end of town. We wussed out and got a cab there but we were super brave and got a bus all the way back. It’s nice for the kids and me to have playground buddies here. I’m sure it has helped the normalisation process. We’re going to play again this weekend.

On Sunday we did a touristy-tour. I can’t remember half of what we saw because it was dull but we did see a petrified waterfall, which was incredible even if we spent more time in the natural infinity pool in the other direction!dsc_0449

We also visited some great ruins at Mitla, which the kids enjoyed because I had them chase me around while everyone else listened to the tour guide tell them interesting facts I would have liked to hear.

Today was day one of operation learn Spanish. The kids had their class (with Col sitting in) while I had four hours of studying sans kids. Bliss! Actually, it was really good fun. I’m not scared of speaking Spanish like I sometimes am of Hebrew or Russian (not totally random languages, they’re two I have learned but have never been fully comfortable using). I’m looking forward to getting to grips with this language.

After class we went for lunch, to the playground (where we saw a boy fly off a swing and into a metal pole) and then to a market where people showered complements and free carrots on our kids! On the way home SG wanted to try the local corn snack so we had a cup of corn with mayonnaise, lemon and salt (amazing). Then she wanted to try tamarind on a stick – kids liked it, we didn’t. We also tried the local cold chocolate drink (nice, think neskwik but slightly better), and street churros. Yummy.

And our random, very loud american neighbour likes to watch india jones, whilst having late night sex. And she borrowed our mop and hasn’t returned it. I’m not entirely sure which flat is hers though (only recognising her through her loud, loud voice late at night) so can’t demand it back.




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