Retail therapy on a plateau

Had a really crappy Spanish lesson today. My teacher this week is not good. She’s a lovely person and I’m sure she knows her language really well but those two do not necessarily a good teacher make. She makes mistakes in what she teaches us, she misdirects us on exercises and she rushes through grammar points, just reading out what’s written in the text book but adding nothing. It’s really dispiriting. I can do an exercise without necessarily grasping the intricacies of the grammatical point because my brain works such that exercises are really simple for me.

The other two in my class feel similarly about this teacher but this week I’ve been with two women who are technically far more advanced than I am. I’m not really sure why I was put with them except that I can say an awful lot with really crappy grammar and they can say a lot with better grammar.

Our conversation teacher is wonderful, however, she has been our saving grace this week. There had to be one.

I finished today’s class really frustrated and just wanting to cry, which made me mad at myself, which made me want to cry more. I imagine I was great company for Col at lunch today! Among other things, our crappy teacher mangled the direct object/indirect object, forgot we hadn’t studied the future tense when going in to an exercise that required it, and then totally screwed up some other exercise I can’t even recall. Tonight no tengo ganas for spanish. I shall watch tv and eat ice cream.

Col was very sweet and assured me I’ve improved loads with three weeks of classes. I guess I just resent a plateau. He said Spanish is easy to speak but not at all easy to speak well and really grasp the grammar. Maybe that’s where I am, in the gap between being able to communicate and actually doing it eloquently. I know I can get by as a tourist as I can say anything I need to and I can understand the bulk of what is said to me or around me but I want to be able to speak Spanish like I can French. Surely it’s not too much to ask after three weeks studying?

After whinging at Col over lunch we went to get the kids. They had a good day, at least. We then went to our local soft play, where we seem to always have the place to ourselves. This time we ignored the kids and I used the free wifi to call my parents and brother. Lovely.

After that we took a cab to Macro Plaza to go to  walmart (I tried to make this teeny tiny so no one would see it and judge us but it wouldn’t go). The kids have been earning tokens for good effort at school and it was time for them to cash in. The only decent toys are to be found in walmart it seems. And also, even though I know walmart is basically the root of all evil, it’s actually amazing. The kids got their crappy toys – SG got peppa sodding pig toys and SB chose a ninja turtle and a small sword. I conned them in to getting teeny tiny toys,which I’m quite pleased about as we are leaving Oaxaca next week so there isn’t much time to accidentally break anything that won’t fit in a suitcase.

Both kids snuck a snack in to the trolley too: SG chose olives and SB chose ritz crackers. I may have been the most immature as I snuck in a box of nerds. Hell’s yeah, I love a box of nerds! We also got sweets for the kids to throw when they go on their day of the dead parade next week. SB is going as Leonardo the ninja turtle and SG is going as some weird dead thing  – she liked the mask and already had a skeleton tshirt from last year. Simple.

After leaving we found a fast food area with a huge climbing frame and some good food choices. The kids had pizza, Col had caesar salad and a teeny tortilla and I had a tortilla plate of yum.

Self-pitying post over and out.




3 thoughts on “Retail therapy on a plateau

  1. May have been self – pitying but another great read. Good help us when you feel you have to write one in Spanish …?you are sooooo much better than Google translate .


    1. I do so hate it when the computer thinks it knows better than me and changes my words or punctuation. Please ignore an ‘o’in good and the question mark that has squashed itself in there.


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