Defiance anyone?

Just needed to write/scream really. Oh my effing god. I think there’s too much parenting going on right now. My kids seem to have decided that they are deaf to any requests to do normal things like put on shoes, get dressed, stop trying to break stuff at the airport, touch things, run in to the road et fucking cetera.

My own lack of sleep isn’t helping on iota. Since we’ve been in Mexico I don’t know that I’ve had an unbroken night’s sleep. I’m not used to that anymore as our kids have been generally fantastic sleepers (give or take). Here, SG seems to wake for water most nights and then the lack of curtains in our last place meant she was waking really early. Our new place in Tulum has curtains and she didn’t wake for water last night but instead SB had an early morning poo at around 5am so I still didn’t get a full sleep. Col does generally share night parenting but he’s been taking sleeping pills some nights as he hasn’t been sleeping at all and for some reason I’m waking quicker than him. My lack of sleep does not help my humour when the kids are incredibly unhelpful.

SG has a new delightful system in place. First she ignores you until you either shout or forcibly make her do whatever it was she should be doing. Then she either blows a big raspberry or just emits one big scream. It’s weird. We’ve never seen anyone do that so have no idea where it’s come from. We certainly don’t plan on it staying. Currently she thinks her favourite doll is in the bin (it isn’t. It’s in a suitcase) because after so much daily defiance and so many nights of refusing to shut up and sleep we’re at a loss as to how to get her back on track.

And SB? Well, he’s four and a half. He’s a delight (as is SG) when he wants to be but he does a good line in folding his arms, stamping a foot and shouting ‘no’. He has also lost his favourite ninja turtle toy (until Sunday) for constant ignoring and being rude. He lost it because he hit me (very rare for him, possibly the only time he’s ever hit me) and then followed it up with rudeness.

In the airport he was banging a locked, external door. I asked him not to do that and explained that it was locked to keep people from running on to the runway. He ignored me. I asked again. He ignored me. I picked him up and put him on a chair away from the door. He was really cross.

I’m sure people would tell me the consequences are too long but I’m not sure they are. And also nothing else is working. They don’t care about time out or in, they don’t care if we raise our voices right now and the reason the loss is for such a long time is SB telling me he doesn’t care if I take it away because he can always earn it back (like telling my mum a smack didn’t hurt, I guess).

Today has been marginally better, probably because we’re not all as tired as we have been, but I am really sick and tired of having to repeat myself or get annoyed when the kids say no. I hear all the  stuff about our agenda not fitting with their agenda but sometimes that’s just tough. We’re good at explaining and giving warning. We’re also trying now just to repeat the word of the command until it happens.

Mainly just aaarrrgh. I know I’m opening myself to criticism here but you know what, it’s hard to travel with kids sometimes. It’s a lot of time to spend with them that normally I’d be delegating to teachers!


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