Short show off

As we arrived home tonight Col and I complained to one another about the noisy truck with speakers on its roof. we assumed it was something political. Until SB interjected to point out that if we just listened to what they were saying we’d know they were selling watermelon! My clever boy!

And he’s officially swimming now. The pool is 12m, we reckon,and he can swim a length easily.

And SG is just hilarious. When Col agree to take the pips out of her watermelon but told SB he’d have to do his own, she nodded sagely and told SB that “I’m only two, so daddy can do it for me but you’re four”. hmmmm suspect we might stop treating her as if she’s only two soon. She also delights in telling us how exhausting all the walking is. We agree but find it slightly annoying since she pretty much never walks! She is very good at conning us in to carrying her.

We forced the kids to go to the local ruins today. Wowsers. Touristy but incredible. Ruins on a cliff over a unesco protected beach, what’s not to love? They both did admit that they were wrong to not want to go! Score! (not that I’m keeping score, of course)

We spotted iguanas everywhere, pelicans and birds of prey and even a ring tailed coati.

And after we were done with culture Col had a Starbucks because yeah, it’s touristy enough to need one, while the kids and I had fresh coconuts. I had to bargain with the seller though as everything was priced for Cancun tourists not people who.actually know real prices. The guy was a bit surprised bit did bring his price down to a figure I could manage.



7 thoughts on “Short show off

    1. Kids aren’t convinced by the sea. It was rough the day we went: red flags being ignored by all except us (we paddled only). They allowed us to sit at the side with them but it wasn’t a swimming day, that’s for sure. Fingers crossed it gets calmer. And thankfully we have the pool.


  1. Who boasts about their kids these days ?
    So passé, oh maybe I do as well but I have kids and gkids to boast about so numerically I win , no ??


  2. Finally another blog that nobody told me about…. Rotters. Love it as usual, and love Asha’s insouciance re her age and Zee’s. She’ll go far. And love Zee’s jump but his vocabulary is wonderful. Smart kids, and they’re mine, all mine I tell you. Xx


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