What do iguanas and taxi drivers have in common?

Only that today a few of each tried hard to ruin our day!

After school we decided to take a collectivo to the ruins to enjoy a picnic and a quick trip to the beach.

So we walked to the collectivo stop in the midday sun only to find that the guy wanted to over charge us and when we called him on it he told us to go and get a cab! So we did, with a lovely guy who will be taking us on another trip tomorrow.

Once at the ruins we found a lovely picnic spot and started eating. SG noticed two iguanas in the distance and then they noticed us! I’ve never seen iguanas move so fast. It took a while for us to believe they were really coming towards us but coming towards us they were! We swiftly packed up and headed down to the beach.

On the beach we found a quiet spot in the shade of the cliff. We had just finished eating when Col exclaimed in horror. I didn’t see what happened but looked up and saw an iguana with its tail over the edge of the cliff in a very suspicious pose. I looked down and there, mere inches from our picnic, was a large poo. Yeah, a sodding iguana pooed on our picnic blanket.

Needless to say, Col and I lost enthusiasm for the beach at this point. We moved down a bit and the kids played in the sand for a while before we returned to the ruins for a play there, aka letting the kids run around like loons while we pretend to interact with them.

On our way home we got a cab for 80pesos, about a fair price. The driver spent the entire ride either on the phone or reading emails, which I didn’t love. When we arrived at our destination he told us the price was 100 not 80. I don’t think he expected us to speak Spanish though. We got out the car and calmly said, ‘no, you can’t change the price’. He got mad and grabbed our beach bag, which ripped, but at least he didn’t manage to keep it. He got out the car too and told us he would call the police!  We picked up the kids and walked off as he pretended to call them! The kids really didn’t enjoy the experience but we knew he wasn’t really calling the police because there’s no way they’d have supported him. Oh, and I may have given him the finger.

I guess we’re lucky it was iguanas pooing on us not the taxi drivers.


2 thoughts on “What do iguanas and taxi drivers have in common?

  1. Hmmm. That was a fun day! I always tell taxi drivers to get off the phone and I think I may have reduced his fee if he didn’t. How good that you could use your Spanish though and surprise him. Ah well, horrid experience but good story material.


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