Beach antics

We realised yesterday that we only have one week left in this beach paradise so today we hot footed it to the cab that would carry us swiftly to the beach. Unfortunately the cab driver dropped us in the wrong place so we had to suffer a twenty minute walk along the most wonderful beach, strolling through the surf trying to figure out which of the many restaurant areas we’d decided we fancied before we set off (we were deliberately returning to the first place we went to because they offer big four poster beds on the beach as long as you have a drink or two). The walk would have been perfect except for two small complaining children. SG was in my arms, complaining loudly because Col had had the audacity to suggest she walk anywhere. SB was at my side complaining that he had to walk anywhere at all because he was tired, hungry, tired, hadn’t wanted to leave home anyway. Joys.

We eventually found it and Col and SG went in to order bits and pieces. SB decided to raid the food bag but then had a sulk because there weren’t any peanut butter sandwiches in the bag, never mind we’d just told him we were going to order food! So, margaritas (not of the pizza variety) and iced coffees ordered we thought about food (quesadillas, chips and guacamole) and set about enjoying ourselves.

I took the kids off to a small play area we found and we were happy there until it ended in disaster for SB’s hand. He caught it in a rope swing and got a horrid wound. We gave up on the play area and Col took them off to the pool area as the sea was fairly wild today. They spent ages there until I went and demanded a tag-in: there’s only so much lounging around on a sunbed one can manage while one’s nearest and dearest play together. dsc_0287

Eventually we all ended up playing in the sand together. We reinforced our understanding of our kids’ natures: they are definitely destructors not constructors! Anything we make from sand they just have to stomp on as quickly as possible, even if it’s for them.  dsc_0288

I had the genius idea of setting the kids the Sisyphean task of filling a  hole we made with water. We had them carting buckets of water from the sea for ages while we sat and watched. Genius I tell you, genius!

Col took both kids out in the sea (separately) and with both of them, managed to get swept off his feet due to the strength and size of the waves. I wasn’t impressed. He lost his sunglasses when he and SG went under. I don’t have much sympathy as I didn’t think he should have been in with her anyway. I was watching with my heart in my mouth (not having been quick enough to stop him taking her in) and when they both went under I really felt the panic rise. Thankfully they both popped out, SG safe in Col’s arms. He says he’s going to have nightmares about not managing to hold on to her. I suspect I may too. Quite frankly, he deserves such nightmares!

Once home (and husband forgiven), I made supper – spaghetti bolognaise  as we quite fancied a non-Mexican meal for once. The kids greeted their plates with a stereo rendition of ‘but I don’t want courgette’, on repeat. I managed to remain calm but then decided to institute a new rule: ipad time while we cook is now dependent upon how gracious a child has been at the previous meal. So coming to the table and immediately complaining about the supper means no ipad the next day! Instead, they are to come to the table with ‘gosh, thanks for cooking mummy. That looks delicious, but I’d rather not eat….’. We shall see how this goes.

Then we had a quick night time swim and now the kids are in bed.

We have five days left at school. SB is gutted as he LOVES his teacher. I’m gutted too as I love the school and have really really enjoyed learning there. Upwards and onwards though. We go to Merida on Saturday and then my parents join us for a month. Now that’s exciting!


2 thoughts on “Beach antics

  1. You’re right, time to move on, if the husband thinks he can take risks with the children and the children can destroy things so easily. New place, new behaviours. The photos are lovely and I am glad there are still 4 of you. Shame about SB’s hand but as long as it is still attached he should recover. The Sisyphean task really was a stroke of genius; wonder if it’s a once only thing though or if they will remember and cotton on.
    And 7 sleeps and counting!


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