Hello me, welcome to 2017

Yeah, it’s 2017. This year I’ll have been married 8 years (seriously?), I’ll be 37 (hahah, Col will be 47), my kids will turn 5 and 3 and we may or may not return to London. That’s my year summed up in numbers.

Fingers crossed we make it to the end of 2017 without dumb-trump accidentally blowing us all up, and without the EU totally collapsing.

We did not stay up last night. Kids eventually went to bed by 7.30. I say eventually because the night before they didn’t go to bed until 10pm so they were shattered, as were we. We have been having a few issues with SG and bedtime recently. Here are some excerpts from bedtime:

“mummy stop that noise” when I was singing

“mummy, why did that boy fall in a gorilla cage? Can I fall in a gorilla cage? If I do you’ll have to chop the gorilla in half. Yes, kill the gorilla then I can play” – apropos of nothing

“mummy, can you put my foosie in my nose for me?” when I was trying to calm her with gentle strokes.

Col and I managed a quick dip in the pool and about 2/3 of a Mexican film about a fat couple (seriously) before we went to bed. We were asleep by 10.30pm. We are super cool. At midnight the fireworks woke me up so I went outside to see what was going on. Out the front I saw kids chucking fireworks. Out the back I couldn’t see much at all as we have too many trees in our garden but the noise was deafening. It sounded like we were in a war zone. I knew Mexicans loved fireworks but this was incredible. The air was thick with smoke and gunpowder. It must have gone on for an hour or so. The kids didn’t stir once (I know because I went and lay with them for a while hoping they might wake and I’d get a midnight cuddle!), I don’t know how they slept through it but all I could think about was kids in Syria and other war zones living with this noise every day and night of their lives. My kids could sleep through it because they knew they were safe. Others don’t get that.

May 2017 be the year we finally figure out how to be nice to each other.

I loved my year of reading books by female authors and although I will relinquish the resolution, I will always try to maintain a better gender balance in my reading from now on.

In 2017  I shall try to return to reading more factual books – I haven’t yet decided how this should manifest but it will begin with trying to read more about Mexico. I am struggling to find books in English and my Spanish isn’t up to the 500 page books I have found in Spanish! I will keep up the hunt.

My ideal list of resolutions would look like this:

  1. read more
  2. get bitten by fewer mosquitoes
  3. get less annoyed by my kids
  4. find a brilliant job that pays loads so we can stay in Mexico

I suspect number one is achievable but I’m not convinced I’ll get anywhere with the others.



One thought on “Hello me, welcome to 2017

  1. Yep, number 1 sounds possible, number 2, if you manage it you’ll have to tell the world how you did it; some of us don’t fancy smearing ourselves with marmite to do the B12 stuff; number 3 will come as they age, though you may have to wait a while, and number 4………well, half of me hopes you do and half hopes you don’t.

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