Chocolate? Oh my…

Tonight we decided to be entirely irresponsible and take the kids out to town for pudding. We had an early supper in the house and then got a cab to town. We returned to Plaza Santa Lucia, the scene of an obscenely expensive and delicious meal with my parents last weekend. We returned there because a) there’s a good choice of restaurants; and b) the kids can run around the square.

We were hoping for something nice for pudding but didn’t have anything in particular in mind. I found it though, I found what we’d all been secretly hoping for: a chocolate shop and cafe hiding away in the corner of the square, behind the stage, almost as if it didn’t want to be found.

We went a bit mad, continuing the entirely irresponsible theme for the evening, and ordered a chocolate fondant with ice cream, a lemon mousse with ice cream and a chocolate brownie with raspberry sauce. In addition Col had a coffee and the kids and I shared a cold chocolate frappe. The waiter never once cracked a smile but he did kindly inform us we were going to get a tummy ache. Yeah, cheers dude.

The kids couldn’t believe their luck so quickly inhaled everything on the table before we could change our minds. I’m currently a bit over chocolate but it was so amazing I completely forgot to take photos of the chocolatey heaven.

It was ruined a little bit by receiving this with the bill: dsc_4433-1





especially given that the waiter was probably the surliest waiter we’ve experienced in Mexico so we left our usual 10% and scarpered. We then took the kids to the main square to see what was going on there as we saw a stage being set up the other day. People were milling around all over the place waiting for the 9pm start. We watched the big screens for a bit, checked out the lights on the stage in front of the cathedral and then got a cab home to put our chocolate fuelled kids to bed.

Oh, and SB got the jesus doll in his rosca de reyes (kings’ day cake) at school today. He’s very happy with himself.  It technically means he has to buy the tamales for some festival in February but I suspect they won’t hold him to that.


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