Learning Spanish in Merida

Learning Spanish cont…

So we have the kids sorted. They’re at school and seemingly enjoying themselves. SB even seems to have learned a Mayan word – ‘heart’. I have no idea what it is in Mayan because I’m not four and my brain doesn’t remember everything that’s put in to it.

We’re struggling to figure out what to do with ourselves, however. We organised a teacher: she didn’t show up. When we contacted her she apologised and said she’d had a better offer. So we contacted someone else, he didn’t show up either. We haven’t been able to get in touch with him at all since that first call. I assume he’s rude not dead. I hope he’s rude not dead…mostly. I have found another teacher so fingers crossed she shows up tomorrow.

Today, when we were meant to be in Spanish classes, Col and I entertained ourselves by playing ‘Cien Mexicanos Dicen’ (100 Mexicans Said, the Mexican version of Family Fortunes), which was kind of fun for a while even if some of the questions are totally stupid: ‘if your bra could talk, what would it say?’; ‘how many teeth do you have?’, ‘if you were a prince, which princesses would you follow on twitter?’ . Other questions are better and do make us think and use our vocabulary.

Even if my Spanish is stagnating through lack of use I did read a Spanish novel aimed at my level: El Robo del Siglo, and understand most of it. And I dreamed in Spanish the last two nights. That’s super exciting. I’m dreaming in my crappy Spanish but at least it’s a start. The first dream was about buying meat or something extremely dull and last night I dreamed about a situation in which I needed to discuss snow with people. I couldn’t get anyone to understand me, despite me knowing the word for snow. I eventually (in my dream) asked people if they knew how to say ‘snowman’ in Spanish to persuade them that I had the right word for snow! It was pretty frustrating. I think I may have even referenced ‘Frozen’ in said dream. I suspect this has something to do with SG demanding the Frozen soundtrack so she can ‘skate’ around the living room (new socks and tiled floors) and then demand hot chocolate because she’s cold from skating.

I also made a phone call in Spanish today for the first time ever. I may have only spoken to a receptionist and then answerphone but it totally counts because I make the rules.

A couple of weeks ago I got in touch with an agency with whom I would like to volunteer. I didn’t hear anything so assumed they weren’t interested, or that my Spanish email was so rubbish they didn’t think I would be worth talking to. But today they got in touch and said they’d like to set up a meeting. Yippee. Fingers crossed something comes out of it.


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