General life with kids

We went to the dentist today. For some reason I got it in my head that what we really needed was to see a Mexican dentist. I guess that’s responsible parenting, right? I acknowledge that there is far more sugar in our diet here than in the UK so I should do something about it, right?

We went to the local dentist, conveniently located between our house and school. The dentist was super nice, even when the kids expressed real surprise that he had the same equipment as our wonderful UK dentist! I went first to show the kids that it would be fine. Hmmm. He took one look and told me I have three holes and that I need braces (in Spanish). I asked (in Spanish) if it wasn’t just that my teeth are quite deep inside. He laughed and said no. Oh.

Well, there’s no way I ‘m having fillings done with the kids around, and probably no way I’m letting anyone except our Jenny Anydots (that’s what SB calls our UK dentist) fill my teeth. And no, I’m not getting braces either. He also expressed dismay at the excess flouride I clearly had as a child. He now has a pretty poor view of UK dentistry I suspect! He did a very thorough clean for me though.

SG rushed up to have her turn. And then point blank refused to open her mouth, not for me, for Col or the dentist. Typical. SB, however, was wonderful. And his teeth are fine too, thankfully. We are going back next week so the paediatric dentist can give them the special paste they need (long story) too. Yay.

The other day at the supper table, SG was amusing herself putting penne pasta on each finger. She proudly showed us her work and when we didn’t really comment she proceeded to tell herself off: ‘no, SG, now take those off, that’s not how we behave at the table, eat don’t play…’. Hilarious.

And SB? Well, I nearly tore out my hair in the car the other day. He asked me to sing a ‘downtown song’ for him. I sang a bit from Little Shop of Horrors. Then he asked for an ‘uptown girl’ so clearly I sang ‘Uptown Girl’. I then told him I’d play him the proper version when we got home. His response?

SB: proper what, mummy?

Me: Uptown girl

SB: What’s that mummy?

Me: The song you just asked for

SB: What? What song?

Me: The song you asked for and I sang, ‘Uptown girl’

SB: what?

It went on and on. I nearly stopped the car to kick him out. Anyone want to swap a kid?


2 thoughts on “General life with kids

  1. That’s really funny….sorry. But so SB. As to the dentist, did you not go before you left the UK? Do you not go every 6 months? Was anyone complaining about their teeth? And the dentist should offer the braces to all those idiots walking around with their jeans hanging off their bottoms, not to you. I wonder where your kids get their humour from……or from where they get their humour?


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