Starting school: London style

We have just had two days of school starters. Yesterday SB had his first day in his new school and today, SG started at her new pre-school. I will admit I was worried. Turns out, the kids really weren’t.

On Tuesday I took SB to meet his teacher for a quick chat and introduction before he was hit with a class of 30 kids (hopefully not BY a class of 30 kids!). He was quite nervous but after twenty minutes in the classroom playing he really hadn’t wanted to leave. He’d found the book corner, loved the climbing equipment and informed his teacher that he ‘really loves arts and crafts’.

Yesterday he bounded in to school, super excited but still a tad unsure. He asked if I could stay for a little while. So while he sat on the floor in front of the teacher, I hovered around the back of the room, clear that he really didn’t need me. Instead, I was reduced to almost tears by how lovely his teacher was. She began welcoming everyone back with a: ‘welcome back everyone. We have two really exciting things happening, anyone know what they are?’. All the little hands shot up and everyone cried out ‘SB is FINALLY here’. And then tears welled up. I was determined not to sob and embarrass my baby. I watched a little longer and then snuck up to SB to ask if he was ready for me to go. He gave me a half nod because he was busy being a big school boy and I left.

At pick up, he bounded out of the classroom, excited to show me the things he’d made and the pictures he’d drawn. Day one was a success. The fact that he jumped out of bed, excited to go again, today is also a great sign.

Today SG started her school. I’d already been informed that I wasn’t really going to be allowed to settle her in much. This school prefers parents to drop and go so I’d prepared SG for this. Then, of course, it wasn’t exactly like that. I had forms to fill in and things to learn about the school so I was there for a while, just not with SG. She kept running up to me and asking why I was still there, waving and calling ‘goodbye mummy’.

It’s early days yet, obviously, but I’m so proud of my small babies and how grown up they’ve both been. I’m sure age has something to do with it but it is wonderful to see how they’ve both come out of their shells while we’ve been away. They’ve had to take so many new situations in their stride that now starting new schools barely even registers for them. When you can rock up to a school where you don’t speak the same language and you know nothing of the culture, starting school in your home city in your own language must be a breeze. I must say, I feel a bit redundant though. I am used to needing to give loads of hugs and kisses and reassurance, which although a little annoying is also entirely delicious as it means loads of extra hugs for me. This new confidence is, of course, a far preferable entry into the world of UK schooling, less traumatic and exactly how it should be: well adjusted, confident kids who trust us and know we’ll be back for them when we say we will be so they can get on with their job of playing all day long.


One thought on “Starting school: London style

  1. Tears in eyes here too, but how wonderful that the children are so happy to go into new situations with ease and no worries. You have done on wonderful job in giving them such an amazing start in life. How lucky you all are. Long may it last.

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