A Tale of Two Mornings / Have a nosy at our family life!

When you’re dealing with two small ones every morning, life can get pretty frantic but then the world throws you a curve ball and you get one of those perfect mornings that remind you why you had kids in the first place. I would love to understand the variables that lead to one or t’other but I suspect, with my sample of two kids, I never will.


I had to wake up both kids. As usual this was to a chorus of ‘it’s too bright, shut the curtains, don’t touch me, mummy’ from SG. SB just ignored me and tried to carry on sleeping. Eventually they were persuaded out of bed and in to the bathroom to have their teeth brushed. SG had a fit because she wanted daddy to do it but daddy had already left for work. SB, meanwhile was back in his bedroom having a play. Once all the teeth were brushed we headed downstairs, both kids still in pyjamas, SG because she’s not allowed to eat breakfast in her clothes (she is mucky as all hell) and SB because he was offended I’d asked him to get dressed.

Porridge made. SG whined because it was too hot. SB whined because, despite asking for porridge he’d actually wanted bread and jam. Cue much stamping of feet and shouting at me for daring to give him the breakfast he’d asked me to provide. He ended up leaving most of the porridge after I gave up and left him whining that it was still too hot long after SG had finished her own bowl.

SG’s pjs in the wash and upstairs to dress. She got dressed pretty quickly, although clearly wanted to make a stand as she refused the clothes I’d chosen for her. SB got naked and then remained naked. I went to the loo, came back, still naked. I asked him to get dressed while I put breakfast stuff away. Still naked. I reminded him that I’d make him go to school with no clothes if he couldn’t get dressed. Five minutes later, still naked. And then I got mad. Yay. I did myself proud and yelled. SG standing calmly with her shoes, coat and helmet ready for school. SB, half naked. He got his clothes on just as I was about to whisk him out the door as was. A lucky escape for us all as it wasn’t warm and I suspect someone would have told me off for taking a half naked kid through the streets of London.

Of course this led to angry sobs from him all the way to school and SG deciding to complain she was tired so needed her scooter pulling as she couldn’t possibly scoot herself.


Kids both up before the alarm. No bickering. SB got dressed without a single yell from me. Teeth brushed with no arguments. No one complained the porridge was too hot (ah ha, a variable, I put cold milk in before they could complain), I shared my banana on toast with them. We finished breakfast calmly and headed on up for SG to get dressed. She did, with no complaints. Kids played and we left for school.

SG scooted all the way, only asking for help for about 10 metres. Dropped her off at her school and then SB and I headed over to his school. Because we’d had such an easy time of it, we had 10 minutes to spare. We played games all the way to school, we chatted, and laughed a lot.

Two very different mornings with no real differences except a tiny bit of milk. Kids slept well both nights, had good breakfasts, and smiling parents. So, what the fuck made the difference? Because I want to bottle and sell it and make my fortune.

Amazing tshirts in picture made by the genius that is Kelly from Back to Beyond.


One thought on “A Tale of Two Mornings / Have a nosy at our family life!

  1. Great blog. Always good to know others also struggle sometimes and sometimes everything’s a breeze. Reading this has started my day well. Thank you


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