Childhood misconceptions

SB made his own breakfast for the first time today but thankfully SG thinks I single handedly put out the Grenfell Tower fire so at least one of them still thinks I am necessary.

It’s true, she does. She thinks I carried buckets of water across town and threw them on the fire. Isn’t that just the sweetest example of a child’s view of their parent? I did try and explain what I actually did but I suspect she won’t have heard me and will carry that image of her hero-mummy with her for a long time. Just like my mum thinking her dad sang in the Vienna Boys’ Choir (he didn’t) and me thinking my mum bought all her handbags in Harrods (she definitely didn’t). I also remember my younger brother informing me proudly that our headmaster was so amazing he could drive a car without using his hands (pretty sure he couldn’t).

What misconceptions did you have about the adults in your life? Or what have you realised your kids think about you now that’s just too cute not to share?


2 thoughts on “Childhood misconceptions

  1. You’ve made me laugh out loud with this one. …. and got me thinking. Oh yes, I always believed my mum took part in one of those huge gymnastic displays they do in eastern European countries. She didn’t, but I thought she did for years.


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