Learning Spanish in Merida


Learning Spanish cont…

So we have the kids sorted. They’re at school and seemingly enjoying themselves. SB even seems to have learned a Mayan word – ‘heart’. I have no idea what it is in Mayan because I’m not four and my brain doesn’t remember everything that’s put in to it.

We’re struggling to figure out what to do with ourselves, however. We organised a teacher: she didn’t show up. When we contacted her she apologised and said she’d had a better offer. So we contacted someone else, he didn’t show up either. We haven’t been able to get in touch with him at all since that first call. I assume he’s rude not dead. I hope he’s rude not dead…mostly. I have found another teacher so fingers crossed she shows up tomorrow.

Today, when we were meant to be in Spanish classes, Col and I entertained ourselves by playing…

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2 thoughts on “Learning Spanish in Merida

  1. obviously i haven’t sent you anything. you signed up for alerts when anything goes up on the blog, remember? I’m trying to fix a problem because some of my posts are totally hidden for some reason. Reposting it was one option.


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