An Ode To My Children

Stop licking the train

Don’t eat moss

Put down that slug

And don’t pinch your brother


Take the stone out of your mouth

Bath water isn’t for drinking

Leave your willy alone

And please don’t kiss the bus


Put your shoes back on

Don’t crumble weetabix on the floor

Please brush your teeth

And clear up the lego


Don’t destroy the flowers

Stop chewing your t-shirt

Please don’t put leaves in your mouth

And no, we don’t eat the cat


Keep the paint on the paper

And the chalk on the floor

Don’t stick the straw up your nose

And say hello to your friend


I love you to Jupiter and back

Even though you know about gravity

And tell me the love can’t escape it


I love you to Jupiter and back

You’re the kindest person I know

Even if you love to hit still


My little ones, you fill me with joy…

And make me say loads of unimaginably stupid stuff


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