¿Ya casi llegamos? or ‘Are we nearly there yet?’

Something we have already heard a lot and something we expect to hear even more over the next six months as we’ve just taken the plunge, left our home, our jobs and our educational requirements behind us and… buggered off to Mexico.

We are: Col, Cass, small boy (SB), 4 years old, and small girl (SG) 2.5 years old. And yes, it’s the kids who ask ‘are we nearly there yet?’ a lot, not Col or me. I hope by the time we leave they’ll be asking ¿ya casi llegamos?

Col and I decided to leave London after a fairly awful beginning to 2016. The kids and I saw a teenager stab another teenager one day and that was it, we needed an out. We were already disillusioned with London life: chasing kids to nursery, working full time in highly stressful jobs, picking up kids, chasing them home, feeding them and all collapsing in bed. It just didn’t feel like the way we wanted our family to be. We want to enjoy family time and really impart our values to our kids rather than leave them in the hands of others while they’re so young.

And so, Mexico was born – ah, no, Mexico wasn’t born, the idea of spending six months there was born!